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Garena Room Joiner is a program that will try to enter the room you want by trying every 5 seconds.Also included are: "Chat Bot" & "W3-Keys".Please note that none of these tools are hacks..It's all very simple to use and is completely safe.But don't take my word for it.You can find several forum topics about GRJ listed to the right.
Also check the F.A.Q. for frequently asked questions.

Info Regarding Garena Messenger

-August 23,2011


Garena Messenger has been updated once again and the program structure has changed drastically.

Unfortunately I'm going out of town.So an update for GRJ will be delayed.I apologise in advance.I will update GRJ as soon as possible.



Version 2.20 Added

-August 13,2011

Hello Everyone,

New additions and bug fixes are here.

-Bug Fixes:

-Garena Messenger Fix: GRJ stopped working correctly for garena messenger because of the new theme installed.This version should work properly with garena messenger

-W3-Keys Alt-Tab Bug: Sometimes when W3-Keys is turned off,then on again, Warcraft III would minimize.Interrupting gameplay.Hopefully that problem shouldn't occure anymore.But i highly recommend not leaving the W3-Keys tab open while playing.It is best to minimize GRJ or leave another tab open (example: Room Joiner) while playing DotA.

-GRJ Window not opening: GRJ stores the last location of the window before the program is closed.Sometimes Windows OS can misinterpret these coordinates and cause GRJ window to seem like it is not opening.Some modifications were made and this error should not occur in the future.Previous users who have this error will have it fixed with this new version.

-Small Bug Fixes : A couple of minor bugs were fixed.Such as: After selecting a hotkey for W3-Keys such as 'Home',When you press Home right after selecting it from the drop down box,W3-Keys will turn on but the Hotkey will be different.This was fixed.And a couple of other minor fixes.

-New Additions:

-Added W3-Skills. W3-Skills allows you to change your DotA hero skills to Q,W,E,R,T.(T is for heroes with extra skills,example: Pheonix).

A couple of people requested this and i was trying it out.But after reading the Guest Book,i had to update GRJ to work for garena messenger.So I decided to include this feature in this version as well.

The How to Use page was updated on how to use W3-Skills.I tried to make it fairly simple.But i'm not sure so PLEASE SEND FEED BACK ON W3-SKILLS.Whether it's unnecessary,hard to understand or is bugged,please send me your feedback so i can act based on it.Because all that matters is to make you,the users, happy.

Previous GRJ users,Your W3-Keys will work like it did before.No new modifications needed.

I'm aware that the W3-Keys tab is getting quite confusing with all the new additions.So like i said above.Anything you dislike or like about the program,send me your feedback so i can act based upon that.

I hope you all enjoy this new release,


Version 2.17 Added

-July 07,2011

Hello Fellow Garenies & Dota Players.

After some suggestions and consideration, i've added more functionality to W3-Keys.

You may be thinking: "What?!Again?".Well...Yes again.But hopefully these additions should satisfy almost everyones needs.So except for maybe a bugfix,don't expect an update for a while.

Previous GRJ users will be able to use this new version without any further configuration.So if you don't want to use the new features,you don't have to.Your W3-Keys will work like it did before.

But if you want information on the new additions,continue reading and please check out the 'How to Use' page.

-Added a second window for W3-Keys Configuration

This new window allowed me to tidy the dropdown boxes and checkboxes.So it's much easier to look at and understand.Also users can not access the GRJ main window untill this window is closed.

-Added the ability to select a hotkey for W3-Keys On/Off

W3-Keys,when on,prevents you from typing correctly during chat in Warcraft III.So now users can select a Hotkey to toggle W3-Keys On/Off

-Use CapsLock,ScrollLock,NumLock LED's for W3-Keys

Now users can select one of the above to display whether W3-Keys is on or not.W3-Keys will use the ScrollLock light,...etc to indicate whether or not W3-Keys is on.A detailed explanation of this can be found in the How to Use guide.

-Added F1~F5 as Hotkeys

As the title says: I added the F1 to F5 keys as hotkeys for W3-Keys.

-Inventory Image Changed

The inventory image was changed to accommodate with the new configuration window.So users who upgrade from v2.13 or below will automatically download the new image.

-Removed 'Test Mode'.

The 'Test Mode' has been disabled.For some reason it was confusing people...


I haven't had much time to test each new function with depth.So if you find any bugs or run into any errors, please leave a comment on the GuestBook.I hope everyone enjoys the new additions.Any suggestions or ideas,as always,are more then welcome.

Happy Gaming,


Version 2.13 Added

-July 02,2011

Added the ability to choose whether or not to send the original key along with the inventory key, in W3-Keys.

After you download the new version,W3-Keys will automatically work like it did before.So no additional changes are necessary.But if you use the 'Space' key as a hotkey,you may want to continue reading.

This was not easy to do actually.But heres the rundown.

Let's Say your hotkey for the inventory spot : Numpad 7 is Shift + Y,

In this case "Shift+Y" is the original key,and "Numpad 7" is the inventory key.

If you don't send the original key along with the inventory key,this will affect other applications outside Warcraft III.I managed to work this out.So your keyboard should work correctly regardless of whether or not Warcraft III is the active window.But in some cases,you will have to disable W3-Keys or close GRJ for your keyboard to work correctly outside Warcraft III.

A detailed explanation of W3-Keys has been added to the 'How to Use' guide.

I also couldn't make it visually simple because of the lack of space in the gui.So instead of making an explanation next to the checkboxes i had to add a messagebox popup when you click them.Hopefully,later on i will re organize the gui so that everything fits nicely.

Please note that there is no way to prevent the numbers that popup while chatting.You will have to either not use those letters,or send the original key along with the inventory key,then hit 'backspace' to delete the extra letter.

I hope that W3-Keys is still easy to use.If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to leave a comment.



Version 2.12 Added

-June 29,2011

Added 'Space' Key to W3-Keys upon requests.

Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome.



Version 2.11 Added

-May 23,2011

Visual Fix Update.

After some user feedback,i found that the color scheme and screen resolution of computers affect the new W3-Keys tab.So hopefully this fix should tidy things up abit.

I apologise for not testing for this earlier.I will not add the new version warning to older GRJ versions.But I highly recommend downloading the newest version for best performance.

I also updated some of the screen shots and the 'How to Use' guide.

Happy Gaming,


Version 2.10 Added

-May 21,2011

Hello Again!

I actually got around to adding a new feature; W3-Keys.

It was inspired by 'Warkeys' .It allows you to add Hotkeys to Warcraft III (Frozen Throne)

Before, GRJ was only macrod to the 3 and 4 buttons.But now, users can customize their own hotkeys for inventory items.Which should allow alot more ease while playing maps like DotA.

There is also a 'Test Mode' button.When checked, if you press the hotkeys you set up,you can see if they work properly.

I would like to state that,GRJ always sends the original key along with the hotkey.Let's say you made the bottom left inventory slot hotkey 'U'.So everytime you press the 'U' button,Warcraft III will recieve: 'U1'. U for the hotkey,and 1 for the bottom left inventory slot...

Also,for this function,GRJ downloads a small 'inventory' image (52.0 KB).This image is saved in the PC's default 'temp' folder.So there may be occasional automatic downloads (If a download occurs,it will be stated in the 'program log')

The new function was tested,but there still may be errors I've overlooked.So please leave a comment on the Guest Book if you find an error.Or if you just want to share your thoughts ^^

Best Regards,


Sample audio files

-May 09,2011

Hey there garenies..Just wanted to share a couple of DotA audio files: Download

You can use these for GRJ or for anything else that you please.

It's been quite a while since i had an update,But everything seems to be up and running without any problems.There are a couple of bugs here and there; but still i hope GRJ satisfies all of your needs.

Also i'd like to thank all of you for the feed back.Please know that I check the forum posts and the guest book regularly and that i take all the suggestions and complaints into consideration.So please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Happy Gaming,


Version 2.01 Added

-March 08,2011

Just a minor bug fix update.

The dialog closing function that i modified for garena messenger would close unexpected windows dialogs. File Transfer Window,Message Dialogs,..etc.

This would happen regardless of the client the user is using.So if you got some of your windows to close unexpectedly while GRJ was trying to join a room,This update should get rid of that problem.

Fixed a bug with the Updating procedure.Such as; while GRJ is updating, sometimes normal clicks were detected as room joining attempts.This bug should also be fixed now.

Removed the Security+ (Random Process Name) option for now.It was conflicting with
the bug fix I mentioned above.

I'm also aware of a bug where, while GRJ is updating,the program does not respond to user actions.I'm working on a fix for this.



Version 2.0 Added

-February 05,2011

Hello Everyone!

I finally found the time to complete this.It took me alot of time and there are a couple of tweaks that need to be made.But v2.0 is here.

Here are the changes:

-Works for both clients:

Garena Room Joiner (GRJ),now works for both the Garena Client & Garena Messenger

People have been wanting GRJ to work for Garena Messenger.I tried some stuff and what i came to realise is,garena programmed this tool so weird that it's really hard to get GRJ to work properly on there.I hope we'll have minimal amount of bugs

-User interface added:

Some people are just more comfortable if they can see what their program is doing.For those people, there's a gui now! It's not perfect but hopefully it'll get the job done.

But for those who still want to use GRJ just as a tray icon,you can change the settings in the options menu to do just that.

-Custom sound play added:

The user can now select a music file to play upon entering a room. Mp3 & Wav files are supported.If you can't find a suitable sound file,try looking in C:\Windows\Media

- 'Security Increase' Option (Security+):

I have better ideas for this.But for now i added a simple way to change the process name of GRJ so that nothing can detect it.

If you enable this option.Every time you exit Garena Room joiner, The filename of your GarenaRoomJoiner will be changed to a random string (Example: Po2tY61l.exe)

So the next time you run Po2tY61l.exe,that's going to be the process name.

And this happens everytime you exit GRJ,untill this option is turned off.This option is for people who want to be 'extra' sure that they won't get banned.

-Room joining algorithm randomized:

After chatting with some people online, i decided to randomize the click cycle.So GRJ tries to join a room at random intervals between 5.0 - 5.1 seconds.

This way if needed,garena can't detect that it's a program clicking.It will seem as if a person was clicking every five seconds; which is what most people do.

-Registry data storage:

I'm trying to keep GRJ a single .exe file so that it's simple to download and use.So I decided to store data via the Registry.

Garena Room Joiner stores data at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\GarenaRoomJoiner

-New Website:

I'd like to note that i redirected grj.atspace.com to here.I was going to buy a domain name,but sourceforge provides good download statistics and is always higher up on google searches.So for now, grj.sourceforge.net is GRJ's new home.

Thats all the changes i can remember,Phew...I hope everyone enjoys this new release.

Happy Gaming,


Version 1.14 Added

-February 02,2011

Ugh. Garena Keeps changing the skins.So sorry about the frequent updates.Hopefully by disabling the Ad Closing code an update wont be required for a while.

Next stable version will be universal and will only require updates for program features.Meaning it will work no matter how many updates.Also it's going to work for Garena Messenger.

Happy Gaming

Version 1.13 Added

-January 30,2011

Just a simple update regarding the new garena update.If you got weird "Save Chat Log?" or "Do you really want to leave the room?" popups,this update will fix that problem.

I'm also working on the new version which has some gui.And a stable website will hopefully be up in a couple of days.

Happy Gaming Everyone.

Note:I don't know what happened to my dotautilities-forums Topic.

Version 1.12 Added

-January 5,2011

Not many changes in this one.Fixed a couple of minor bugs in the chat bot.Also the chat bot now stops automatically if you leave a room while it's still running.A couple of minor modifications were made to the room joining algorithm.Hopefully after my finals i'm going to clean up the code a bit.

This version wasn't tested too thoroughly,so if you find any bugs; please notify me (Contact)

Also if anyone has any ideas,or a program that they might need for their specific problem in garena,just email me and i'll get back to you.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their support and ideas.The download counter is rising pretty fast (2000+) and i'm glad to see the program is working well for everyone.

I'm aware that this free-host is not very stable,so as soon as possible i'll be buying a domain name and hosting service.That way the update procedures in garena room joiner and downloading will run alot smoother.

New Webpage Layout

-December 17 ,2010

I've been getting emails and whispers in garena about the website text being too small.And the color scheme being 'too red' (Whatever that means).So i decided to change the layout to something that is hopefully more appealing to the eye.

I also added a How To Use page,so people didn't have to go to the forum links to see how the program is used.

Version 1.11 Added

-December 11 ,2010

Chat Bot Added.

I got a couple of requests for a Spam bot and an Auto Tunneler.I've been working on these and i came up with some simple ideas.The chatbot works fine.But needs a little tweaking.So i just attached the beta state of the chat bot to garena room joiner.So garena room joiner, now also has a chat bot.

Why is it called Chat Bot?Well originally it was going to be a Spam Bot.But if people started to get banned because of my programs.I'd have to deal with some nasty emails and i really dont have the time for rationalizing with other people.So i put a couple of limits.Like:

- The minimum interval is 10 seconds.

- You can't post links.