Frequently Asked Questions


Q-What is this program?
A-It's a macro that enters the room you want by trying every 5 seconds.Let's say you want to enter a room,but it's full.This program keeps trying to enter the room for you so you dont have to keep clicking.

Q-Why does it click every five seconds?Can't it get rid of "Buy gold membership" messages like the other garena hacks?
A-This is not a hack, It is a macro.It does not edit any ram variables or garena files.

Q-If this isn't a hack,then why should i use it?
A-I wrote this macro because i got my garena account banned for using hacks in the past.This is a program for those who don't have gold membership and dont want to use hacks to join a room.

Q-Why wouldn't i want to use a hack?
A-Because you can get banned.Most hacks are detectable and pose a danger to your account.

Q-Can i get banned for using this program?
A-Since GRJ isn't a hack,there isn't a way for any admin to know you are using this program.But there is always the posibility that you can get banned.But it's significantly less then using hacks.

Q-How can i trust that this isn't a virus?
A-There really isn't a sure fire way to prove that the software isn't a virus.One solution would be to give the source code.But since most people wouldn't be able to understand it; that really isn't a solution either.I don't like the "If you don't trust it,don't use it!" policy that most program developers have.So let's use some reasoning to tell if you should use this program or not: First check the viustotal scan.It's completely clean.Also think about why i would intentionally put a virus in the file.Maybe i could steal your garena account.But what can i benefit from that?I already have a lvl 18+ account which i use to play DotA which lets me enter all the rooms i want...Also lets say there is a keylogger that would steal other password information.You can close the program anytime you want.So if you feel unsafe; just close GRJ after you are done using it.

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